World’s First Truly Automatic Retractable Leash

Why Petronic

For half a century there hasn’t been much new in the world of retractable dog leashes. It’s time for a change! Petronic isn’t just another added flashlight or a waste-bag container. We’ve revolutionized the core functions of the device: retraction and locking.

All retractable leashes retract nicely – until you press the lock button. The issue is that a locked strap doesn’t retract, and when the distance between you and your dog is decreased, it sags. And it sucks!

In a moment, a technological device becomes a simple piece of rope. You press the button: the lock is On – retraction is Off. You let it go: retraction is On – the lock is Off. Two main functions alternately eliminate each other. As a result, you have to constantly press and release the lock button. During just one walk with your dog it happens dozens of times, and within a pet’s life – hundreds of thousands!

As you can see, the product name “Retractable leash” is not totally accurate for such devices – half of their operational time they are actually NON-retractable.

Besides user inconvenience, the sagging leash is a cause of danger for all around –as it leads to a loss of control over the pet.

You too can suffer. In an emergency people often instinctively press the lock button and run to the pet – the strap sags and they grab it by bare hands in an effort to pull the animal away. The strap cuts and burns the fingers and can inflict more severe injuries. The dog, too, may get tangled in the strap and get hurt.

In addition, the sagging leash every day has a negative influence on your pet. When the sagged strap regains tension, it yanks the dog’s collar. Taking into account the regularity of such jerks, you can imagine how annoying it is to the animal.

With Petronic you can at long last forget about the sagging strap issue. Our unique NO-SAG function allows the locked strap to freely retract and unwind to the point of locking. It sounds so easy, but no other retractable leash in the world can do this!

And that’s not all that sets Petronic apart from everyone else. Let’s take a closer look at the locking system. Almost all retractable leashes have a fixator which can retain the lock button in the pressed position. Yet, when you use it, the sagging strap poses even more danger – the lock button stops working and you can’t control the dog.

With Petronic this problem is solved by the all-new DOUBLE LOCK function. Now you can set the long-term lock to a needed length, and freely use the ever-active lock button to stop the dog at any shorter distance.

To illustrate the superiority of Petronic, let’s take an everyday situation. Your ordinary retractable leash is 15 feet long, and you are walking your dog along a roadway which is nine feet from you. It would be quite convenient to set the long-term lock to that length. Alas, you can’t do this – in the struggle against the sagging strap be ready to use your thumb. The dog approaches the roadway – press the button, it runs back – release the button, it approaches – you press, it turns back – you release, again and again…

But don’t think that it’s just about your finger occupation. Your eyes must constantly follow the dog – since you cannot miss that very moment when your pet reaches the danger zone. Forget about surfing the web or texting on your phone! Instead of a pleasant walk, you are actually quite busy – both physically and mentally.

In the same situation but using Petronic, you need only to secure the strap at the desired length once, while the lock button stays active and allows you to stop the dog immediately at any lesser distance.

And as the icing on the cake, we have enhanced the safety of using the leash in one more aspect. If your thumb slips off the lock button, our SMART LOCK function will keep the leash locked as long as the dog pulls on it, and will let it go only when the pulling ceases.

To summarize, Petronic has a unique combination of maximum control, safety and comfort. Two things distinguish Petronic from all its competitors: your leash will NEVER, NEVER sag, and you ALWAYS, ALWAYS can stop the dog. Just enjoy the walk – our patented smart device will do the job.

International patents pending: US 2020/0060238A1, EP 3 626 072 A1, WO/2018/212672, PCT/RU2017/000310, etc.